Self Storage - The Benefits

We thought we would share a few of the benfits of self storage with you, just in case you didn't know.

  1. Short or long term storage can be great for businesses - If you have a little extra equipment, office supplies or stock that you do have enough space for at your business premises. May some of the items you only use once every few months and you simply can't justify the space taken up in the office for this short periods of time. This also help you to keep you work environment organised and free from clutter or hazard.
  2. Winter storage - For all those items you simply don't need at home; push bikes outdoor furniture or any items that are sensitive to weather changes or damage in the winter months.
  3. Storage for hobbies - Running out of space for the equipment need for your leisure or hobbies??? Self storage can be a great way to keep the golf clubs, mountain bike, jet ski or tools out of the way but close to hand when you need them.
  4. Moving House - One of the most stressful times if your life. Self store your precious items that you don't want to get damaged during a move or for simply taking care of the amount of accumulated items that you may not necessarily have room for in the new house, until you decide their fate or final destination.
  5. House makeover or extension - Short to medium storage for items that need to be removed from your house while you have a makeover or extension. Keep everything safe and secure during the turmoil of builder and decorators !
  6. Declutter your home - Decide you need a declutter in your house or business but simply don't know what to do with everything. A self storage unit can be a good holding area for your items until you decide what to do with everything. Free the space up or just do with out items to see if you really miss them or need them anymore.
  7. House clearance after a death - We accumulate a lot of possessions in a life time, some items have monetary value and others simply sentimental. When someone dies more often than not no-one knows what to do with their possessions and it can often be safer to leave everything in a locked secure unit rather than an unoccupied house. This can also help when selling a house after someone has died to remove personal effect leaving just the main furniture during house viewings.

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